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Filigree provide specialised jewellery remodelling in Christchurch, New Zealand

Sometimes your pre-loved jewellery requires a new lease on life, Filigree offers a specialised service in re-modelling your current, antique or inherited pieces. Our experienced staff will work with you to design a personalised piece of jewellery using your own stones and metal or even just create an enhancement for your favourite piece.  

Filigree offers a design service to all our customers to ensure you get the piece you have envisaged. This complimentary design service partnered with our in-house workshop makes this an enjoyable and affordable process. As all our items are handcrafted onsite, included in this process you will be invited to view your piece during the production, providing you with the personal experience of being included during the journey that is the re birth of your item of jewellery.

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Christchurch’s Filigree Fine Jewels specialises in handcrafted, unique jewellery made on-site, including diamond rings, precious stones rings, wedding bands, occasional jewellery as well as an ever-evolving range

The Process

Steps for your remodel.

Step 1:

Bring your jewellery/metal in to our store

Inherited a piece of jewellery that has sentimental value but not your style? Perhaps a collection of old rings you never wear, or a stone purchased on a trip long ago?

Bring them in for us to reinvent in your style in our on-site workshop.

Step 2:

Discuss different styles

Bring images of designs you love or discuss with our designer your prefered sense of style to recreate your precious things into something reflective of your own design aesthetic.

Step 3:

Free design process

Take the time to dismiss with our knowledgable retail staff and jewellers all the options of potentially reusing your metal and stones.

Once they have gained an overall idea of your preferred “look” our designer will draw several design options and price points at no charge or obligation.

Step 4:

Put the pieces together

Meet with our designer to discuss all the options available in terms of how your designs will be made, which are the most practical, what will maximise the materials you already have, and ultimately give you a fantastic piece of jewellery.

Step 5:


Being a manufacturer means, in most cases, we can utilise any materials you already have,
making remodelling a cost effective exercise.

In addition, we can offer you multiple pricing options as to how it is made, as we are not constrained to pre-fabricated patterns.

Step 6:

Start creating

We have a on-site workshop consisting of 5 jewellers and a setter who combine a wealth of experience in all styles of jewellery making.

Your precious items stay on-site so you have the opportunity to view your creation at several stages to ensure you are happy with the physical fit and proportions.

Step 7:

The finishing touches

Upon completion of the jewellery you have the option to get it independently valued. This is recommended as it ensures that your new piece accurately reflects a new retail replacement cost, primarily for insurance purposes. Our staff will also advise you as to any specific required care for your jewellery. It is advised to get your jewellery professionally cleaned on a 6 monthly basis. Now that we have had the pleasure of recreating something beautiful for you all you need to do is enjoy the pleasure of wearing it.


Filigree Fine Jewels

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